Toorkish Officers and NCOs

By Michael Cannon / August 14, 2008

Albay Sapkasiz (Turkish for Colonel Hatless… according to online translators) on his Lusitano. Again, this is an RSM figure on Litko bases. The bottom is magnetized so I can store it properly. He is in a discussion with one of his company commanders which must not be going well as he has his sabre drawn!




The company officers and supernumeraries are attired as shown below. The sgt for each company is shown on the left. There will also be a regimental sergeant major but I’m thinking of using a rifleman with a turban similar to a Mameluke’s for that role. The drummer is an arty figure with arms repositioned and drums made from green stuff. The drums are pinned on each side. The flag was put together in Macromedia Fireworks and I used an online translation service for the motto, so although it’s supposed to mean "no fee too big" it probably means something eschatological!The picture on the right shows all of the regiment’s drummers in a jam session. I think they are practicing for the tryouts being held for the band at the Duchy of Stollen.




I am making good progress on getting the 1st two companies painted. Here’s an in-progress shot. 

I hope to have them done by the end of the weekend.And since someone pretended to have an interest, here’s a shot of my painting desk – completed now that we have been moved in for a while.


1) left side: top shelf is a CD/tape player for audio books,next shelf down, paint shaker, storage of CDs/Tapes, GW paints I repackaged a while ago in Western Plastics bottles,

2) drawers contain basing materials, infrequently used tools, styrene, the odd detritus that we use,

3) front, Reaper paints with most frequently used on bottom, organized by Reaper number 😉 ,

4) right side, inks, Vallejos, washes in numerical order,

5) under desk on right side is a toilet paper holder for wiping brushes, etc.,

6)center, cutting board, kitchen counter top for desk, daylight bulb in lamp from Ikea, brushes and frequently used tools in jars on right side, obligatory caffeinated drink (Diet Coke!)

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