The Toorks Are Coming!

By Michael Cannon / August 12, 2008

The regiment will be formed with three companies in the "standard" organization  in the Young/Lawford book. Since it is an Imagination regiment, I will be gleefully using miniatures across the RSM Turkish line to make do. Here is what I have so far.

The commander, yet to be named, will be riding on a Lusitano, a Portugese horse that is like a Palomino in color but with a dark mane, tail, and socks. Some of them have black hindquarters. I don’t know if I will go that far or not. The commander will have a Turkish cavalry saber in his right hand.




The standard bearer will not be the RSM Turk standard but will be the Janissary figure in the left of the photographs below. I drilled out his hands and inserted the flag pole supplied by DPC and it looks pretty good.The infantry companies will be fleshed out with Bosnian riflemen in the style of the pictures below (the Bosnian is on the right). The officers will be Janissary officers as shown by the center figure.




 I did a lot of painting on these fellows tonight. The officers, flag bearer, drummers, and NCOs (the latter two to be shown in a later post) are finished and awaiting the men coming from the depot. The first two companies (32 in total) have had trousers, boots, and vests issued tonight in a marathon painting session. (I was listening to Thunder Run on Books on CD – a great account of the attack into Baghdad). I imagine the remainder of the uniforms will go slower as I’ll have to paint smaller areas and then black line. Hopefully these will be finished before the final company comes in.

The standard is shown below. It was done in Macromedia Fireworks and then printed off on a color printer. The Turkish slogan can roughlybe translated as "No fee too big"! If by chance someone wants a copy of this, I’ll send you the two panels I made for the flag as a JPG and a PNG.


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