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While at MilleniumCon a couple of years ago, Reaper brought along their paint and take tables. I got to look at their figures and started painting a couple of them. Al Pare talked me into picking up the blister of wenches . He got a kick out of this miniature in particular.

I painted this one to match the uniform of the Bandera de la Reina. 

tn_DSCN3233.JPG tn_DSCN3234.JPG tn_DSCN3236.JPG tn_DSCN3237.JPG








The miniature is mounted on  a pill shaped base which I picked up from LitkoAero. The spot behind her will be taken up with a pack mule from MegaMinis. These mules come 4 to a blister for around $10 USD. 

The yellow color is from a Canadian company that was around in the mid-90s. It has lasted a long time as it is in a dropper bottle. It’s coverage is pretty phenomenal and it goes easily over black and can cover in one coat. The remainder of the paints I used were from the Reaper MasterSeries Paint line. I heartily recommend that line to any gamer/collector/hobbyist. I used the rosy skin triad for the face/hands/uh… you get it. I still need to work on getting my paint on the face smoothly and the blending is a little rough on her face. She is, however, a gaming figure and more than meets tabletop quality….

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