Marlburian Cavalry

By Michael Cannon / December 8, 2012
Marlburian Dragoons
Marlburian Dragoons
Marlburian Dragoons
Marlburian Dragoons Command

Like any old wargamer, I have several uniform references and painting guides. For this formation I pulled out one I’ve had for a while – Anton Hoffman’s Army of the Blue King¬†which is available at Uniformology. I have to admit that the dominant blue color was what attracted me to the color scheme at first. As I flipped through the book, I found two plates for the dragoons and saw that their coats were… red?!? Wait, this is supposed to be a Bavarian army. Red?? Really?!?

Well that would never do, so I took the color scheme, applied my own sense of Bavarian style and there they are!

The horses were painted as Roans with a bottle of Roan color from The Armoury I got back in the early 1990’s! It’s still good, hasn’t dried out, and covers well. It probably helps that I took most of my paints and put them into bottles with dropper lids. The ones that did not come from Reaper or Vallejo are in Western Plastics bottles which are now available from US Containers.

This is the unit that took such a pounding from the Army Painter matte spray. When I got down to a quarter of the can, the finished models looked they had dust dropped on the, I had to repaint many spots on the figures and a new bottle of the matte spray seemed to work fine. I use the Quick Shade and block painting technique on these.

The banner is made from paper stiffened with watered down white glue and then hand painted. The basing materials are from Woodland Scenics.

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