Zvezda Royal Infantry

By Michael Cannon / January 6, 2013
Zvezda Royal Infantry
Zvezda Royal Infantry
Zvezda Royal Infantry

I enjoy playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles but the continuous GW price increases have put the majority of their lines out of my price range so I have been looking for some alternatives to use in my Kalvan of Otherwhen forces. Squadron had a sale on the Zvezda Royal Infantry and Royal Cavalry many moons ago and so I bought several boxes. I put together one of the Zvezda Wizards from the system many months ago and wrote about it in this blog.

The infantry comes in a hard plastic which is not the same as GW miniatures use. The Testor’s plastic glue I have works fine on them, however, and the weld seems to be pretty good. They have the same problem that the early GW Empire plastics had in respect to the way the halberd was assembled. I put the halberd on and it repeatedly broke off so I just gave up and cut the plastic off beneath the head and glued it to the handle so it’s just a big honkin’ axe now and not a halberd. Much less liable to break off and get lost, I think.

The banner is made from paper and then covered in a solution of water and white glue. I sketched out a pattern and then painted the symbols on. The shields were mirrored from the banner design.

All in all, these are pretty good figures for main battle line troops. They are inexpensive, the detail is not overwhelming, and they will look good in a large unit.

Zvezda Royal Infantry
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Plastic miniatures for wargaming, sadly no longer available.
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