Darkson Designs Mad Dok

I picked this up through Fantization when making an order for bases. I have always been intrigued by the figure as it looks like a good one to integrate into a scenario. I am ambivalent about it right now, however.

It is thin and was difficult to put together (probably because I was in a hurry). Since it is closer to being anatomically well proportioned, it was smaller and more difficult to paint. I have a lot of respoec for the Darkson painter that did this (or whoever "photoshopped" it!) I made the field stone floor from ProCreate and am getting better at using it. I don’t use too much water anymore and am getting the hang of smoothing it down.

On the positive side, I am pleased with the paint job. I feel like it is an above average gaming figure and at a foot it looks impressive. The pictures from my camera always make me shudder as they show every little imperfection, but I know where my errors were and the phot s don’t show (many) more! 

Comments, as always, appreciated.



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