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English Civil War Purple Regiment

By Michael Cannon / January 19, 2013
Purple Regiment
Purple Regiment
Back to the English Civil War….

I had the rifle sleeves painted up but had to take a break and paint something else. I saw a similar color scheme in one of my uniform references and thought it looked interesting and so gave it a shot.

The officer has been painted for almost five years (hanging my head in shame) and is one of the Foundry figures I got from Brookhurst Hobbies when Foundry started going to blister production. He’s been painted for almost five years and has just recently gotten around to raising a regiment!

The pikes are brass and are 100mm long. If I was to do it again, I’d cut them to 80mm so they would fit inside of the boxes I have. Right now they stick into the cardboard lid when I close it and tend to fly out when I open the box unless I use extreme care.

The bases are masonite and magnetized and come from Renaissance Ink.

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Michael Cannon

I have been wargaming as long as I can remember. I met my wife when I was 14 and had been gaming long before that so that should give you an indication as to how long it has been. One of the first games I owned was Anzio by Avalon Hill. I drove over to the hobby shop in the snow to pick it up as I finally had the money to get something! I can remember playing with Airfix figures and Roco tanks back in the 6th grade and before.

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