Year of the Dead (Sustainable Earth): A Review

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So there’s this remote probe that goes into orbit around Earth, but it’s (probably) not a humanoid design/build. After waiting for resupply for 40 million years, the probe determines that there are too many pesky humans inhabiting the planet to sustain life and that extinction was a 90% probability.

[box] The probe’s secondary directive was to preserve distinct and unique planetary environments and biodiversity. There were too many humans on Earth. For its biosphere to survive, the number of humans needed to drop from 6.8 billion to less than 100 million…. The AI determined a zombie plague was the most effective way to achieve its.. directives.[/box]

Thus starts a rollicking ride on a zombie plague in … Utah? Say what?

OK, the book takes place in and around Salt Lake City and the author has a good grasp of the Latter Day Saint culture there, weaving it into the book skillfully. What could be of interest to gamers is the fodder the book provides for zombie infested scenarios… with an occasional vampire thrown in. Yes, the probe mixes up a deadly concoction for that as well as for a zombie plague. I don’t want to give out any spoilers, but the plot is developed through the stories and reminiscences of characters as they go through this nightmare.

Year of the Dead was a lot of fun to read and kept my interest through the entire book. Although I am from Texas and a transplant to Utah, there were enough details to make me feel like I knew the environs well. For a $0.99 Kindle book it’s a steal!


Year of the Dead (Sustainable Earth): A Review
Version V
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 on February 21, 2013


Zombies and Vampires come to Utah for a vacation. Angry humans protest. "Year of the Dead" review by a wargamer and recent convert to zombie plague fun.
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