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What size buildings?

By / November 3, 2007

If you look at Grant’s book, The War Game (and if you haven’t why not!?!?!) you’ll find this picture:


 The footprint of the buildings he has here are pretty small. The cabin I built looks like this:



The doors and windows on the cabin are low and small for the 25-8mm range. Initially I thought they were too small until I looked again at the Grant buildings. Those windows are lower and the doors even smaller!  A few other Old Schoolers have used different methods. Here’s a few (pictures used with permission.)

Stokes Schwartz
Duchy of Alzheim

Phil Olley
Phil’s War Cabinet

Phil Olley
Phil’s War Cabinet


These are super examples of OSW style buildings. I think that one factor all have in common is that the footprint on the table is small, limited to a company size element at most, but they are taller than the figures (note where the bottom of the roof is). I think that this is the secret to having a good looking OSW building, despite what scale it is.


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