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Probably the best piece of electronic equipment I have purchased has been my iPad. I have certainly gotten my purchase price out of it if not more. One of my favorite uses for it, however, has been as an eBook reader with the Kindle app.

The rise of Amazon as a retailer of almost everything has spurred their book sales accordingly. The fact that they allow you to self-publish easily has just increased that rise. What a lot of people are unaware of is that Amazon has a good selection of ebooks available for free as prices are frequently set low by authors to get people interested in their work.

I have found two places to frequent that make finding these free gems much easier. The first, and one I probably go to most often, is landing pageIf you look at the top right of the eReaderIQ site you’ll see a button labeled “Freebies”. This takes you to a screen where all of the current free ebooks on Amazon can be perused. You can filter them using the menu on the left if you desire, but I generally just scroll through them all using the page number buttons at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the “Get It” button next to the book’s description will open a new window where you can add the book to your Amazon Cart or use the 1-Click Checkout.eReaderIQ has two other nice features. The first is the ability to filter out adult titles. The second is the ability to signup for email notifications when prices on certain titles drop. I have used the second feature on a number of book purchases and they do not have to be books only shown on but can be any in the Kindle store. works the same way but seems to have a broader set of offerings. The filters you can set to refine your search makes it much easier to find books. FreeReadFeed is thus more versatile and better suited for someone who wants to dig into the weeds of a search.

One caveat for using both sites – you get what you pay for. I see these as tools for trolling bargain bins and getting a lot of stuff at a cheap price. Sometimes the books are great, sometimes the pits, but most of the time they are middle of the road fun reads.

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