Polish Winged Hussars

Polish Winged Hussars

One of the iconic images of the Horse and Musket period are the Polish Winged Lancers, or Polish Winged Hussars, take your pick. The folks at Warlord Games have added a new metal set of Polish Winged Hussars to their offerings but I have not yet purchased them. There are some reviews of the Polish Winged Hussars on the Internet, however. I decided to do mine on the cheap as I had a number of Games Workshop’s Kislev Lancers which have been sitting in my “to do” area for years. I am not going to be a stickler for details when there is money at stake!

I mounted these on bases by Gale Force 9 (GF9). I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts that the alternatives I have come up with to get around the price of the GF9 basing system have all been cheaper and less effective so I will be sticking with these in the forseeable future. I especially like how effective the bases are with the GF9 paper steel.

The paint scheme is pretty simple. I primed with black gesso, then block painted and used washes where necessary, mainly on the armor, helmets, and cloaks. The lance pennants are made from note paper stiffened with white glue as is the banner. Shield patterns were all done by hand and use the 1800’s version of the Polish eagle less crown. I used brown and tan craft paint to highlight the Liquitex resin I use on the bases and then Woodland Scenic grasses over that.

There are five of the Kislevite archers waiting in the wings to act as Tartars but I’ll need to scour the bargain bins to flesh out that unit. Don’t know that will ever get done based on what I have seen so far.

The videos below are pulled from YouTube. The second has a bit more gore at the end in that it shows the effect of a version of chainshot against a Hussar charging through a city gate (just desserts if you ask me…) but also has a good shot at the beginning of musketeers moving within their formation to shoot and reload.


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