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English Civil War Light Artillery – Yellow Battery

By Michael Cannon / June 21, 2013
English Civil War Light Artiillery

Our Thirty Years War campaign allows me to have one heavy artillery piece for every two medium pieces I field. Right now I don’t have enough medium guns painted to get my heavies into action so it’s time to paint!

I bought this piece used off of eBay many years ago along with most of my other ECW miniatures. I have another 7 guns to paint up but this looked like a good place to start.

The great thing about artillery of this period is the wide variety of color variations in use. Since I have a unit of Warlord miniatures in yellow uniforms I thought giving them a support piece in the same color would be fun.

This is mounted on a smaller base than the heavies as I mounted the miniatures directly on the base and not separately. The bottom of the base is magnetized with vinyl magnetic sheeting and holds the weight of gun and crew in place nicely.

The crew here needs some additional training as the gun carriage is run up against a rock obstacle on the trail. I failed to notice this as I was adding the cork to the base but hopefully it will be missed when deployed on the table.


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