Fenryll Windmill

By Michael Cannon / April 26, 2014
Fenryll Miniatures Windmill
Wargames Terrain
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Fenryll Windmill for wargaming.

fenryll-windmill-2Fenryll WindmillOver the past few months I have been slowly upgrading my wargaming terrain. One of the pieces I have had in my closet was the Fenryll Windmill, a resin piece that was designed to go with 25 to 32 mm figures. I had hesitated to work on this one because it was a substantial resin piece that was pretty heavy.

The structure portion of the windmill is a solid block of resin. That’s right, solid. Not four walls, a floor, and a roof but one piece. It’s mounted on a single beam that extends up from the crosspieces of the base. I drilled a hole about one-half inch into the building and the support beam and inserted a wire into them to provide support. Although there are stairs, they do not provide much in the way of support but do offer some limited stability.

I mounted this on a piece of MDF I cut with a scroll saw. The base was covered with white glue and sand and several pieces of cork for rocks. The barrels come from the craft section in Hobby Lobby. The bushes and grass are Woodlands Scenics products from the same source.

fenryll-windmill-1fenryll-windmill-4Overall I am pleased with how the model came out. The stair rails were not cast well and so I did not use them, choosing instead to just fill the holes in the steps and let the owner of the windmill take his chances on the stairs. The four sails came in separate sections and were stuck into a central piece that could be inserted into the building. I left it unglued from the main structure as I was afraid that it would get hit by an errant arm when troops were on the move and destroy the whole windmill. At least this way it should be just the sails that are damaged.


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