Lion Rampant – Viking Berserkers!

Viking Berserkers

Git em, Git em, Git em!Our local group has started looking at playing Lion Rampant By Osprey. I picked up the PDF copy through Amazon and have enjoyed reading through it. I have some ancient armies that have been lying around for a while so this gave me a good reason to motivate myself and get them underway.

Viking Fierce Foot for Lion Rampant


Viking Berserker for Lion Rampant

There will be three Fierce Foot units as a part of the warband. The first is shown above. I have been using a mix of Reaper and Vallejo paints and then finished them off with Army Painter’s Quickshade. I am trying for speed on all of these units and the important part for me is to field good looking units quickly.

The basing is a craft resin that has been painted black and then drybrushed with craft paints. I can buy those in big bottles and so I will always be able to keep the bases uniform. I have been using Woodland Scenics for my flock and grass needs as the stuff sold by GW is now out of my budget and the Woodlands Scenics stuff is readily available.

Looking forward to seeing just how out of control these guys can get in battle!

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