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English Civil War Cuiraissiers

By Michael Cannon / July 19, 2015
English Civil War Cuiraissiers by Old Glory


The LAST English Civil War cavalry regiment in the lead pile. I started hammering my way through this about three years ago and have added to the pile in bits and pieces as I have gone along.

The regiment is a mix of Old Glory and Wargames Foundry miniatures. There’s an odd number in each rank this go round as I was lacking two additional figures to flesh out the regiment.

Two figures on each end are Cuiraissiers so I can switch them out with regular cavalry figures in the rear rank and go from trotter to galloper and back when the scenario requires.

English Civil War Cuiraissiers by Old Glory




I have to admit that I am becoming a really big fan of the Army Painter method for turning out units quickly. These were painted with the Army Painter red as a base and then block painted. I used the Strong Tone for the shade. The horses were primed black and then covered with a Chestnut wash from GW (I have several bottles worth of it left from the old formula).

Now on to the infantry regiments that are left!

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