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Back in 1980-82 when I was stationed at and lived in El Paso, our home was broken into and many things were stolen. One of them was my USMA class ring seen below).





I got a call yesterday from a fellow grad who is on a ring reclamation committee in one of the local West Point Societies. He asked me if I was Michael Cannon", class of ’75 and then told me that my ring had appeared on eBay (which his where the pics are from)! Now you have to understand that this thing was stolen some 35 years ago so I am amazed that it is still around. I have contacted the El Paso Police Dept. (where the seller is from) and they have contacted the seller. He is looking for a receipt for the ring and is willing to let me have it back for what he paid for it. I am hoping for the best (that is, a low price) as it is now up around $1800 on eBay. Kind of bittersweet to see it again and know I might not be able to get it back….

postscript – After much "discussion" I finally managed to get the ring back and now have it in my possession. It’s amazing that after 26-7 years it still fits!

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