Keuhankan Indian Tribe

I managed to pick up some older bags of Old Glory Indians, specifically, packs FIW-01 (Natives Advancing with muskets) and FIW-02 (Natives Advancing with clubs and hatchets) off of Bartertown. I had been looking at Conquest Miniatures Woodland Indians but the Old Glory bags came along at the right price! The miniatures were painted with the goal of being used individually on the battlefield with rules based on those from CHARGE by Young and Lawford.Here are some rough pictures of samples of the miniatures. I have not finished the basing yet as I will be putting them on 3/4 inch magnetized bases from Litko (and they haven’t arrived yet… won’t arrive when I expected them to, either, as they sent them First Class Mail instead of Priority Mail as I had paid for.) 🙁

(I am still trying to get comfortable with integrating pictures into WordPress. I increased the vertical and horizontal space around the photos and they show up nicely in the rough draft of the message but not in the published version!)

The miniatures are the usual Old Glory fare. There are multiple poses in each bag providing for a lot of personality in each unit. On the other hand, there are a number of contortionists in each unit as some of the poses are… unique. The pewter seems to be of a softer sort than RSM or Foundry or GW uses. Several of the muskets came bent in a 180 degree bend back towards the figure as a result of the “toss ’em in the bag” form of packaging. None were broken, surprisingly, but some of them show the results of poor maintenance. I would buy these figures again, especially now that Old Glory is offering their Old Glory Army memberships. They are a good match to Spencer Smith and RSM figures but are noticeably more slender than Front Rank.

DSCN2168.JPGFirst up is the infamous leader of the Keuhankan tribe – Chief Hakkaloogee. Here we see him celebrating another victory with the traditional Oak Ridge battlecry of “Oompapamaumau” … Note the trophy coat he wears in celebration of his victories over the mainlanders.


DSCN2169.JPGI hate doing close up photos of my miniatures because they show up every little fault. Here I can see where I got some of the Chestnut wash I used on the flesh into areas it wasn’t supposed to go. My approach here was to use Tanned Flesh by GW and then wash it with Chestnut ink to make it a bit redder and darker. The rest of the figure was washed with Kel’s Magic Sauce – a product that has black ink, something to break up the surface tension, and some other fancy chemicals (like H2O)!

Two of his faithful warriors are up next.

DSCN2166.JPGI was not as happy with these guys when I finished with them as I had hoped. In the final stages of a miniature that will be handled quite a bit, I usually coat with GW’s Hardcoat and spray with Dullcote. This time, however, I tried a tip I picked up off of the MiniPainting group and used Glass and Tile Medium (a craft paint item one can get from Walmart). Although it definitely dulled the paint down, it also took some of it off in places, making the figure look rushed and rough. So, back to the old tried and true methods of painting them up.

DSCN2167.JPGI’m pleased with my progress on these as I have completed 32 since the start of the month. That’s a bit over half way through. When I finish them up, I will enter them in the Painting contest run informally by the Army Painting Group on Yahoo. This is an informal contest where every month you put up some of what you have done in the month and list members vote on which project is “numero uno.” There is no prize but you do get bragging rights!

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