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Hudson and Allen Buildings

By / May 19, 2008

And now I have to admit a couple of things:

1) I own the H&A Alamo so I qualify as something of a fanatic

2) I *just* got these out this weekend and started painting them – thus the subject of this post.

It appears that the buildings are made from a self-expanding foam that allows the model maker to get good detail on castings despite undercuts and so on. The buildings are rigid, one-piece construction with a hollow interior. The walls are .5 to .75 inches thick so they are pretty sturdy and should be able to undergo a lot of handling without adverse consequences. They are medieval buildings but still fit in nicely with OSW style gaming. I primed these with a base coat of Krylon Ultra Flat Black spray paint and then dry brushed them until I was satisfied. These four buildings probably took less than an hour each, max.






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