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German Artillery

By / June 11, 2008

This is about a $60 USD set that I picked up off of eBay a while back. You get two FO stands (with radios, so they are obviously FOs), a staff stand with table, and a command stand. I particularly like the commander with the ranging device. You get 4 guns with crew and 5 transports. The FOs do *not* have transport so they’ll have to hoof it or stay in one place in the game! You also get 8 pieces of earthworks to place in front of the guns if you choose.


I went back to the Afrika book for the paint scheme and although for the most part I was pleased, I was a bit puzzled about the uniform colors that Battlefront chose as they called for GW’s Kommando Khaki. This is a greenish tan color. I know I could have used a different color if I desired, but I figured that an artillery battery would probably have better access to resupply and so be in more official uniform colors.



I used Vallejo Iraqi Sand to paint the vehicles and guns. The tarps on the vehicles were drybrushed with Shadow Grey on a black base, then drybrushed with a medium green by Vallejo, and finally drybrushed with Iraqi Sand. The effect is a nice, weathered and dirty look. I used a Craft paint called Mudstone for the bases drybrushed with Bleached Bone for highlights. The box did not come with decals so I am assuming that Battlefront does not think that they used identifying marks. This brings me up to around 2000 points of painted Germans.

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