Team Yankee T72 Test Scheme

By Michael Cannon / December 22, 2015

I picked up the Soviet Tank company box this week and and trying out the monocolor scheme with weathering from Tamiya.



A couple of lessons I learned from this:

  1. If you apply the weathering chalk before you wash, highlight it a lot more than you think you will need,
  2. the makeup side of he brush (like a dry brush) does a great job of bringing out the edges
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Michael Cannon

I have been wargaming as long as I can remember. I met my wife when I was 14 and had been gaming long before that so that should give you an indication as to how long it has been. One of the first games I owned was Anzio by Avalon Hill. I drove over to the hobby shop in the snow to pick it up as I finally had the money to get something! I can remember playing with Airfix figures and Roco tanks back in the 6th grade and before.

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