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Soviet Lend Lease-ski

By / June 24, 2008

I got the Shermans
shown here for $5 USD each and the only things wrong with them were
broken gun tubes and no .50 on the top. I had spray painted them a
olive drab (good ol’ Krylon camo paint from WalMart) before I moved to
Utah but had to redo parts of them as one of the black spray cans I had
leaked. I dry brushed these pretty heavily and made them as grungy as I
possibly could to hide some of the malformed areas on the models. These
are probably more to SOTR scale than the others I have posted here. The
HAD models are more crude than most models you will come across but are
good buys if you are on a budget.










You’ll notice on the bottomleft photo where I highlighted some of the quality issues. I haven’t seen many of the HAD line so don’t know if this runs across the line or if I just got lucky! Again, these vehicles I bought used for $5 each at MilleniumCon.  (Thanks again Dave, for the bargain!)

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