Napoleonic Name Dropping

By Michael Cannon / January 6, 2009

Many years ago I had the opportunity to meet and dine with several Napoleonic scholars. One of the things the History Department did was treat the guest lecturers to lunch. When offered this opportunity I jumped at it. Seated below, from left to right – Chuck Jacoby, me, Victor Massena (descendant of Andre the Marshal), David Chandler, Don Horward, Jack MacDonald. Professor Horward was teaching in the History department that year as out visiting professor and he had invited Dr. Chandler along (who in turn brought Victor). Lunch was a lot of fun, the accompanying lectures more so. One of the things I remember Dr Chandler saying was, “the more I study Napoleon, the more impressed I am with his talents, and the less impressed with him as a man.”

Lunch with Napoleonic Experts

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