Major Reinforcements have arrived…

Here is our first grand daughter. Arriving at 4:56 PM Monday in a C-Section she weighs in at 6lb 7oz.  Her orderliness is already impressive. We are referring to her as Baby Malan now because the parents have not named her yet. Mother and daughter are doing fine… the father is still being treated for shock….

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Michael Cannon

I have been wargaming as long as I can remember. I met my wife when I was 14 and had been gaming long before that so that should give you an indication as to how long it has been. One of the first games I owned was Anzio by Avalon Hill. I drove over to the hobby shop in the snow to pick it up as I finally had the money to get something! I can remember playing with Airfix figures and Roco tanks back in the 6th grade and before.

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