Freedonian Characters

By Michael Cannon / January 24, 2007

Leading the Keuhankian depradations (or advising them on the ins and outs) are two nefarious Freedonian officers:

The Comte de Legerdemain and his second, Chevalier Hubert de la Pâté Feuilletée (known as Double-Scalp due to his very bad wig).

Comte_de_Legerdemain.JPG Comte_de_Legerdemain2.JPGLegerdemain also functions as Regimental commander in the service of his monarch. (The regiment is yet to be named but will be known appropriately as “The Greys.” This is one of the first Front Rank miniatures I have painted. (Available in the US from the Miniature Service Center.)The proportions on this one are very nice and it was, quite frankly a joy to paint. The base is a sample from Litko Aero. It was the proper size and although I had considered pill shaped bases for my cavalry, I will probably use these for my commanders and personality figures. Since the bases are Warmaster size magnetic bottoms are readily available.

Chevalier.JPG Pâté Feuilletée (Flaky Pastry) is also a Front Rank figure and is actually the one I painted first! He is mounted on a Litko thin plywood base with one of their magnetic bases attached. I’ll comment on these in a separate post. I decided to go with the circular bases as the Old Glory Indians I had were not standing up well and the 3/4 inch round base fit the Old School Wargame motif better than the square ones. I used Liquitex Gel layered over the base and then painted it black, drybrushing the base with Vermin Fur and Vomit Brown by GW. The Static Grass is from Zeiterdies. I would have had a picture of the Chevalier but my camera battery thought that taking three pictures was enough and dumped the remainder of the charge. When it has finished charging up, I will take more pictures, particularly of the Keuhankans I have painted (over 30!)

Thanks to Bill Protz and Michael Lonie for the suggested names or permission to shamelessly appropriate them from their existing armies!

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