Keuhankan Indians on the Warpath!

Single.JPGEarlier today I finished up my Keuhankan Indian tribe and got them based and mounted. One of the reasons I put priority on them was to finish them in time for the Army Painting List’s January competition,but also for the satisfaction of taking a project to completion. The Indians are made by Old Glory (OG) and I picked them up used off of Bartertown.

Keuhankans2.JPGHere’s a picture of the horde massed for an attack on the inhabitants of the island of Neutralia. Notice the presence of the dastardly Freedonian advisors! Most of the paints I used were Master Series paints from Reaper (which I prefer over all others right now). I did use some GW paints on larger areas, however. GW’s tanned flesh followed by a wash of chestnut ink gave me a nice reddish hue to the skin and works quite nicely in my opinion, but after 60 of these, I’m not very likely to say they *don’t* look good!

In the past I have heard some less than appreciative comments about the mix of figures OG has included in the packages they sell. I took several pictures to offer my opinions on this part of their line.

Indians with hand weapons

HTH1.JPGHere are the first five of the hand to hand weapons pack. There are three poses that I really dislike here. The first is the guy on the left that looks like his hair is on fire, the other two are on the right. The far right guy is a real girlie-Indian and looks like he was sculpted for someone’s daughter. The figure next to him is, I suppose, intended to be dramatic but looks plain silly to me.

HTH2.JPGThis second set of figures only has one pose that doesn’t fit in well. The guy on the right looks like he’s just popped out from behind a bush and said “BOO! Now you can shoot me….” Otherwise, these are pretty nice poses.

HTH3.JPGNow we come to the Olympians .. the javelin toss, the relay, and the new world version of Jai Lai. Actually, these are OK poses and I like them. The spear the left hand Indian is holding is quite fragile, however, and I don’t expect it to stay on through much gaming. After it breaks, I guess he’ll just be skipping rocks!

Indians with rifles

Rifle1.JPGThis first set of poses contains some of my favorites in the packs. The three on the left paint up nicely and are unique.

Rifle2.JPGThe three on the right in this picture are also nicely done. The cape on the figure second from the right flows nicely and helps to convey movement. Another of my favorites. The Indian on the left *would* be OK, but he’s got his tongue sticking out like he’s been possessed by an alien!

Rifle3.JPGThese last three fall into the average category. The guy in the center, however, has a poorly designed rifle and both of the figures in this pose had severe barrel droop and warping. The one pictured here actually broke off while I was painting it and had to be reglued with super glue. I imagine after the first couple of games he’ll be carrying a sawed off musket.

Overall, these are two good packs to have on hand for gaming the French and Indian War period. OG’s army purchase program makes them very hard to pass up.

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