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The Battle of Snifter Station – Part 2

By Michael Cannon / January 27, 2011
Union Advance

Since this was the first battle of the war, I gave commanders a 7 for their staff rating to reflect their inexperience. I can see that it was an important decision in light of how the game played out.

Order of Battle

The Northern Army of Persuasion MG Sherman Sickles

1st  Brigade  – BG Grant Chamberlain

  • 1st  Maine Island Inf.*
  • 3rd  Montshire Inf
  • 5th  Yorksey Inf
  • 2nd  Regular Regiment of Zouaves*

2nd  Brigade BG Butler Reynolds

  • 3rd  Delayork Inf
  • 2nd  Michiana Inf
  • 6th  Massosota Inf
  • 4th Wisconois Inf

1st  Cavalry Brigade BG Buford Grierson

  • 7th  Ohivania
  • 6th  Pennahio

Army assets

  • 1st  DC Art
  • 2nd  Regular Art

The Southern Army of Conviction MG Jubilation T. Cornpone

1st  Brigade BG Jackson Johnston

  • 6th  Texarkansas Inf*
  • 3rd  Missibama Inf*
  • 1st  Kennessee Inf
  • 2nd  Missiginia Inf

2nd  Brigade COL (P) Pender Hill

  • 2nd  Missabama Inf
  • 3rd  Kennessee Inf
  • 6th  Georida Inf
  • 8th  Tennelina Inf

1st  Cavalry Brigade BG Forrest Stuart

  • 1st  Florilina Cavalry
  • 2nd  West Alassippi Cavalry

Army Assets

  • 1st  Richmond Artillery
  • 2nd  Petersburg Artillery

*Morale 4+ units, all others are 5+ to reflect green troops.

I made random rolls for the plan for each side. The Union forces were to advance with the infantry abreast right up the road with the cavalry in reserve. The Confederates were to make their left the main effort with the cavalry on the right. As is normal in combat, the plans were good until the first turn….

Snifter StationUnion DeploymentIn the first turn the Confederates advanced across the board. In the second  turn, however, the left hand brigade moved off the board to the rear due to a commander’s blunder! Not an auspicious beginning!

The Union forces kept up a steady advance across the field but the guns continued to get ahead of the infantry because of command rolls.

Union AdvanceConfederate LeftI allowed the confederate command under Pender Hill to rally off the board and return to the game as otherwise I was afraid the game was over . Those who know I am from Texas might think I was meddling but it was my game so I thought I would do it!   Sometimes it’s handy to be playing a solo game.

The Union second regular Regiment of Zouaves was the first to crest the hill and they came under a withering Confederate fire. The next turn the confederate forces charged and the Zouaves broke in terror.  The remainder of the brigade was not affected.

The Confederate cavalry continued their advance on the right flank. Their role was an economy of force role but one regiment advanced too far. The 1st Florilina occupied the town, the 2nd West Alassippi the woods on the right flank. This allowed the Union commander to redirect his cavalry reserve and try to get them across the bridge.

Cavalry advanceMelee in the townThe fight in the town was a brisk one but the Union regiment charged and forced the dismounted cavalry to retreat. The Union sacrifice here was to no avail as the fight degenerated into a desultory firefight, however.

The Union cavalry advancing across the river came in column and the lead regiment came under fire.   The regiment, the 7th Ohivania, failed several command rolls in a row and so the Confederates were able to inflict excess casualties on them with long range carbine fire. The resulting morale roll caused the Ohivinians to flee off the field.

Cavalry stalled on the bridgeUnion cavalry closesThe next regiment, the Sixth Pennahio, got its lead elements across the bridge but were again stalled on the bridge in column by poor morale rolls.   They remained immobilized for the next few turns. Since the Seventh Ohivania had routed off the board with three casualties (their Stamina level) I did not allow them to rally and return. After a turn with the commander screaming for the Pennahioans to charge, they finally moved and crashed into the Confederates. Much to their commander’s irritation, they inflicted *one* casualty and remained in contact for another turn and then fled the field.

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About the author

Michael Cannon

I have been wargaming as long as I can remember. I met my wife when I was 14 and had been gaming long before that so that should give you an indication as to how long it has been. One of the first games I owned was Anzio by Avalon Hill. I drove over to the hobby shop in the snow to pick it up as I finally had the money to get something! I can remember playing with Airfix figures and Roco tanks back in the 6th grade and before.

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