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I have placed a link to Simply AudioBooks on the site. I listen to or read a lot of books over the course of a week. I listen to audiobooks while I paint and it seems to make me more productive (more than likely because I am sitting at my painting desk as opposed to playing computer games!) I got clued into Simply AudioBooks in late 2005 and have been a subscriber since then.

There are several programs they offer, but I am on the rental plan and will offer my comments on that. I use the 2 sets out at a time plan. I could use the 3 out at a time plan but that’s more money than I want to pay. The plan I use is about $24.95 a month if you pay on a monthly basis but is $20.95 a month if you subscribe yearly (which is what I do). Turnaround time on the audiobooks is about 4-5 business days from Texas. If I get ahead of the shipments, I will go to the local library and get an audiobook to listen to in the interim.

There are two reasons I use Simply AudioBooks rather than the library:

1) I have listened to all of the books I care to from our library so need more variety,
2) CDs from the library are generally treated badly by patrons and I have been forced to return several as they will not play in my CD player (I have a small one on the desktop I use when painting – that way I don’t have to get up to change them.)

I am very satisfied with the Simply AudioBooks service. I can get unabridged books from them as oppose to the abridged ones at the library. I listened to about 50 shipments last year which works out to about one a week. This works out to about $4.80 a CD. Beats the price of a movie and increases my painting productivity.

[update 8 Nov 2012]

I have been using OverDrive audiobooks now from our local library system (I now live in the Salt Lake City area]. I am pleased with the offerings they have and still listen to audiobooks when painting.

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