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By Michael Cannon / April 21, 2007

I am working on a miniature from the Mercenary faction of Reaper’s Warlord game for a miniature swap. The deadline is early June so I have plenty of time to work on it, although I’d like to have it done before ReaperCon. I will post some in-progress shots here and discuss how well (or not) the work is going.

back.JPG bookside.JPG booktop.JPG

I generally start on the face of a figure as it is the most critical aspect of a miniature. I decided this time to try the book first and a small spot of the robe to see if I would like the color combination I had chosen.

The book is a tough piece to carry off well. There are numerous small details that make the book interesting but none are easy to paint. I decided to use the light source as being above the top of the wizard’s head so shadows would fall directly beneath the wizard. This meant that the book pages would be lighter near the top and center and darken towards the bottom and outside. The underneath would be in shadow. The back of the robe would be have highlights near the bottom of the robe due to the way the light was falling.

If you look at the first picture you can see some yellow under the back of the book closest to the wizard. There are indentations there designed to look like fire. Above this are two skulls, one on each cover of the book. I filled the flame indentations with thinned yellow ink and will go back and add a bit of red ink as an additional highlight. Then I plan on painting the sections between the flames as best I can.

You can see (barely) how I shaded the pages with white and bleached bone. The outer edge is gold and I will outline the inner square with brown liner. I have tried to use a dark background on the page edges and then paint in the pages with gold to indicate gold edging. I used a liner brush to do this and I think the paint was too thick the first couple of strokes. The third picture shows the overall effect close up. I like the way the side parts of the pages turned out and am satisfied with the way the tops turned out.

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