Tournament Terrain

We are holding a WHFB tournament here this weekend and I have spent a lot of free time on terrain to be given as prizes.

First up is a ruin made with Hirst Arts’ fieldstone molds. I decided to paint this one brown with tan highlights as I have never painted one this color before. I think it turned out nicely…

Ruin1.JPG Ruin2.JPG

The next piece comes from the cavern mold set. I just received this a few weeks ago and have not had time to play with it yet. I decided to use it for an outdoor picec and cast it in resin.

Pile1.JPG Pile2.JPG

This final piece is from dental plaster and one that Bruce has plans for on his site. It is *not* an easy piece to build as it uses a number of smooth blocks that need to be sanded. It is *huge* once you get it together and can dominate a setting. It’s heavy so if you irritate your opponent too badly you’d better duck!

Arch.JPG ArchSide.JPG
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