Styphon’s Red Hand

By Michael Cannon / September 6, 2012
Styphon's Red Hand drawn up in in battle line

Styphon's Red Hand drawn up in in battle lineStyphon’s Own Guard — or the Red Hand —is one of two military orders maintained by Styphon’s House in the Otherwhen universe. This is an elite unit containing true believers in the god Styphon. They are reported to use blackened armor and halberds with musketoons as secondary armament. I had a bag of Old Glory Halberdiers I picked up off of eBay many years ago to use in Warhammer Fantasy but they fit the bill nicely for this genre as well. I only had enough for one unit but they still look great.

I drafted a unit of pikes supported by musketeers and a medium gun to flesh out the force in case I wanted to use nothing but the varsity against Kalvan’s force. I have been considering using the Teutonic Knights from Fireforge Games as Zarthani Knights, the second military order supported by Styphon’s house. I also have an old unit box of Altdorf Halberdiers from a much earlier version of Warhammer that I might also use as they have armor which the Old Glory Halberdiers do not.

My units are generally made of sixteen pike and sixteen musketeers. These are standard size units in Warlord’s Pike and Shotte rules. The halberds gain only a +1 in Pike and Shotte as opposed to pikes and do not get pike bonuses but are counted as Double Handed Weapons (see pages 202 and 207 in Pike and Shotte). Styphoni units from the Red Hand should be counted as Fanatic (+1 save until shaken) and Elite (Overcome Disorder Dice Roll). They should provide a hammer in offense for any armies they support or an anvil in defense which can only be beaten by attrition. My thoughts on this are based on the battles in Great King’s War by Carr and Green.

Styphon's Hand in battle line supported by pikes and artilleryOne of the nice things about these units is that I can use them in Thirty Years’ War or English Civil War gaming without too much work (mainly new standards.) The standards these are using are based on rounded sun wheels, again drawn from Great King’s War and Kalvan of Otherwhen.

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