Eureka Saxons

Last Friday I received my package of Saxons from Eureka. Below are the musicians I plan on turning into a band. In the US Army the band is used for HQ protection but I think I’ll make up some rules to use them as medical evacuation orderlies/prisoner escorts.

Musician1.JPG Musician2.JPG

Next are some of the Guard Grenadiers. The left figure is a drummer, the right, a standard bearer (of course, you probably didn’t need me to tell you that….) 😉 The flagpole comes separately and is a cast item.

Guard1.JPG Guard2.JPG Guard3.JPG

I also ordered officers and NCOs to have the correct organization for a “Charge” style unit for each. They are, from left to right, Gd Grenadier NCO, Gd Grenadier officer, Grenadier NCO, Grenadier officer.

Officer1.JPG Officer2.JPG

I’ll get pics of the grunts later today.

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