Dancers, pt. 1

By Michael Cannon / July 22, 2007

The 1st of August is my wife’s birthday and since I can never find anything that she likes, I’m going to paint her a figure from Eureka miniatures. You can see the dancing couple here… I have the center top figure. I appreciate Nic’s assistance as I asked to get one of the dancing figures in conjunction with a 100 club order. I will be posting in-progress shots as I go along. Here are the first:

dance1.JPG dance2.JPG dance3.JPG

I mentioned in an earlier post that the bad thing about photos is that they show every little flaw. You can see several here. I am, overall, pleased with how the face came out. The error I made is that I used paint that was too thin on the face which caused it to look chalky up close. Fortunately it does not look that way from a distance. I have green eyes and brown hair (no moustache, though) and so that is how I painted him. At Reapercon I was taught that the next step in doing eyes is to do a small dot of white in the iris for the reflection of light. I tried it here using a shaper brush and actually did it satisfactorily! I outlined the face with brown liner and ran a line through the part in the hair. I also added a touch of grey at the temples and edges of the hair.

I don’t know if I am going to strip this and start over or leave it the way it is, but I’m thinking of just running with it.

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