Dancers, pt. 2

By Michael Cannon / July 23, 2007

I had to go back and redo the gent’s face. I applied a glaze over it to reduce the glare from the highlight and I think it now looks much better:

Dance8.JPG Dance9.JPG Dance4.JPG

I have spent time on the lady tonight and I did better on her face in terms of making the paint flow more smoothly. When I got to the dress, however, I ran into the same old problem with paint that was too thin. I think that I try to put too much paint out and so keep diluting it to get use all of it. That’s really false economy on my part as the paint is pretty cheap.

Dance5.JPG Dance6.JPG Dance7.JPG

I need to go back and redo the lining around the collars and shirt and dress sleeves when I get the flesh done the way I want it. I plan on doing the hair a reddish blonde like my wife’s so don’t think she’s got white hair! I am using Reaper’s rosy triad for her skin tones and the tanned flesh skin triad for the gent.

As always, comments appreciated. It’s hard to be your own critic.

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