Dwarf Warrior Unit

By Michael Cannon / August 12, 2007

This weekend I have been working on Dwarves. I have done my BSB, a unit standard, and a test job of one of the warriors. The BSB is straight from the Skull Pass set. I am using him as the BSB because he is different and he is cheap!

BSB.JPG Hmmm, I seem to have only taken a
single shot of this one, how awkward!
I’ll just add two shots of the dwarf warrior
from the Skull Pass set.
SkullPass1.JPG SkullPass2.JPG

The unit standard is from the Dwarf Battalion box set. I chose to use a simple flag with the rune that stands for “W”. I’ll use the “I” and “L” for the Ironbreakers and Longbeards. I’ve color coded the units and the common color between them will be the GW foundation color.

Standard2.JPG Standard.JPG

Here’s a group shot.

Recent1.JPG Recent2.JPG
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